The campaign that proposes to facilitate the revalidation of accreditations of medical professionals graduated abroad to satisfy the deficit of the State of Florida.


Barrio Afuera combats the system of slavery and human trafficking that promotes the Cuban dictatorship as "internationalist missions", seeking to reactivate the CMPP.


Our training facilitate the process of obtaining licenses to continue your career in the United States.

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We are not a vocational school, college, or university. Our programs are designed solely for the personal enrichment of our associates and without the purpose of providing jobs.

Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization established in August 2004, our mission is to guide and support our healthcare professionals trained abroad who reside legally in the US. UU through continuing education programs.

Our Vision

We help and guide health professionals graduates from other countries (Outside of USA) to revalidate their licenses so that they can practice their professions and work in the USA's Health System.

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