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Continuing Education Programs

Our Continuing Education programs are aimed at health professionals or with previous experience in the field, which allows them to provide an accelerated program where it is possible to obtain registrations, licenses or certifications in a matter of weeks.

Surgical Assistant License

SSF is the only center in Florida approved by the American Board of Surgical Assistants to carry out this program, thanks to this, once the course is completed and the national exam is passed, applicants can work as surgical assistants in all 50 states.

Preparando a los cirujanos

Physician Assistant Registration

Program focused on foreign health professionals or with previous experience in this field, this certification consists of an online program that lasts 3 weeks.

Organizing Test Tubes

Phlebotomy Technician Registration

Program aimed at health professionals with a degree in health and experience drawing blood, SSF has an online program and a face-to-face program.

Nombramiento del doctor '

EKG Technician Registration

Program focused on foreign health professionals or previous experience in the field, this certification consists of an online program that lasts 3 weeks.

Dental Assistant Registration

Focused program for dentists or similar foreign qualifications or experience in the field. This program is online and lasts approximately 3 weeks.

Revisión anual

Administrative Package (Physician Assistant,  Phlebotomy Tech. & EKG Tech.)

This program includes

Medical Assistant

Phlebotomy Tech

EKG Tech.

In a single package where you get these 3 records in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks.

Retrato de un doctor joven

License in Coding and Medical Billing

The medical billing and coding program offers students opportunities to work in the health sector in the administrative part without the need to have a previous degree in the health area. This program is face-to-face.

Terapeuta sonriente

Nursing Assistant Training

This program is focused on any professional who wants to start their first steps in the health sector in the United States, it will allow you to work with patients in different work locations. It takes place in person.

NCLEX Test Preparation

This program is focused on nursing professionals who are competing for their degree with the Board of Nursing and looking to maximize their chances of passing the Nclex exam to obtain their RN in the United States. This program is face-to-face.

Técnico de salud en el trabajo

Preparation and test of Proficiency in English (TOEIC)

This is a fundamental requirement for those professionals who are applying to the Nursing Board and have to demonstrate their language skills in English. This program is face-to-face.


Basic Cardio Pulmonary Respiration (CPR) Certification

The CPR BLS is a primary and basic license for any health professional, an essential requirement to perform functions, since it prepares the student for emergency situations with a patient and how to act in response to them.

Rescate de un paciente

Advanced Cardio Pulmonary Respiration Certification (ACLS)

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification offers a set of clinical algorithms for the treatment of life-threatening cardiovascular conditions.

Advanced Program for Foreign Nurses

Solidarity Without Borders has developed a program for international nurses to attend the nursing board and have the opportunity to revalidate their international nursing degree with the United States Board of Nursing.

El doctor joven

Patient Care Specialist (PCT) Registry

This program is focused on Certified Nursing Assistants in the USA, thanks to this they can obtain a PCT that includes (Medical Assistance, Phlebotomy, EKG AND PCT) in a single program that lasts 3 weeks, online.

Tableta médica
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