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Registration of Cardiac Monitor,Technician

/Telemetry Training

lector de la presión arterial

Curriculum profile

Telemetry Technicians are also called monitoring technicians or electrocardiograph technicians. They’re trained to recognize heart rhythms.


Telemetry is defined as an electronic system designed to monitor patient heart activity. The heart itself is an electrical system and cardiac monitors pick up a patient’s heart activity which displays electrical patterns on a computer screen for medical technicians to review.


Telemetry Technicians assist nursing departments by monitoring patient cardiac rhythms. You must demonstrate proficient skills in order to identify patient arrhythmias, abnormalities, or significant cardiac baseline changes. Unusual heart rhythms indicate cardiac trouble or may indicate diseases of the heart which require unique treatments.


Technicians are active in department activities, transdisciplinary team activities, and other activities to ensure individualized, patient-centered health care for all patient populations. Your primary patient is typically your geriatric adult, 65 years and older. However, with an uptick in younger cardiac patients, your patient demographics can vary.


Telemetry Technicians work alongside Nurses to inform and notify charge Nurses of any foreseen risk factors in the patients. Your position ensures that medical standards, policies, and procedures are met and maintained to the highest of standards. To say that you have an important role is quite an understatement.



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