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"What is it? Well, I'll give you this equipment to identify first." Xiaoyao looked at the two pieces of equipment in his hands and waved his divine knowledge. Tyrannosaurus Boots (Dark Gold): Defense 100, Fire (Gold) Magic Defense 50, Attack 100, Wood (Water) Magic Attack 30, Movement Speed 15%, Health increased by 20%, Wearing requirements: Level 50, swordsman. Gauntlet of Kings (Gold): Defense 50, Five Elements Defense 15, Attack 50, Mana increased by 20%, Dexterity + 10, Wearing requirement 40, Assassin. Here, this is a piece of equipment for swordsmen and assassins. As for whether the knight-errant equipment can be free or not, it is completely abandoned, because the old man said that the knight-errant equipment is only the violence of the knighterrant island. It's not very good. Everything is typed by you, and we don't have any effort. The duckling was a little embarrassed to say that they were all ready to equip Xiaoyao, but now it was someone else who equipped themselves. Take it. I have nothing to do with it but sell it for money. As for Qian Xiaoyao, he knows that he will never be short,ibc spill containment pallet, after all, who else has his own high luck? "Thank you!" The dragon happily took the thing and looked at it, and then shouted in surprise: "Dark gold?" Now there is nothing special about the equipment gold, probably everyone will have one or two pieces, but the dark gold is still very rare. As for the first, second and third artifacts on the equipment list, they are all on Xiaoyao. Brother, it's a dark gold ware! The duckling is happy for his brother,plastic pallet suppliers, and the friends next to him are all congratulating him. They are not jealous because they can't use it. Some are just envious and happy. Xiaoyao, I really do not know how to thank you, now such a piece of equipment can be worth hundreds of thousands of it? But you are also a swordsman. Why don't you use it? Don't you? A dragon asked doubtfully. No, I am a hidden professional knight-errant. As for the knight-errant skill, I can't use it yet, so I have to use the swordsman skill. "The attack of your profession is too abnormal. The attack is several times higher than that of each of us. By the way, how many levels are you?" The duckling saw the crux of the matter and asked. She was already curious about the level of Xiaoyao. This, now level 51, hehe ~! "Are you the nameless madman?" A nameless madman? What's that? Apart from knowing that he has a nickname of Shura Madman, Xiaoyao really doesn't know that there is a nickname of a nameless madman. You don't know, because of the speed of your upgrade and the hiding of your name, you are called a nameless madman. Piaomiao replied, "You don't know that you are my idol. I didn't expect to see you." "I'm flattered, I'm flattered. It's just good luck." It's really good luck. If it weren't for the sacred ring of the village head, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, he might still be a nobody. Hey, I wanted to practice with you, but it's impossible. Xiaoyao feels that these five people are still good, but unfortunately they can't practice with them. Why Asked the duckling. I have no experience in this profession except playing B0SS, so I'm going to find a place specially for me to practice. "Oh, it seems that God is fair!" Fenghua smiled, Xiaoyao found that her smile is really beautiful, if compared with the duckling, it is a different style, the duckling is a lively and lovely type, and she is a charming mature type. By the way, you will find a crossroads when you go straight to the front. When you go to the left, there is a demon fox temple. You can go there to upgrade. Heh heh ~ ~ but be careful. The lowest monster there is above level 40, and the highest is level 65, which is the most suitable for you to practice. Xiaoyao thought about telling them where he had practiced before. Do you want to set up a gang? Xiaoyao immediately asked a dragon. Yes, but the guild order is not so easy to fight! A dragon said, saw the smiling face of Xiaoyao and immediately said: "Don't you ~ ~!" "Well, I've been there, and we can set up a guild, but I declare that I won't manage it, as long as I get 40% of the shares when I can make money.". "This proposal has been thought about since it reached the guild order. Although it can make a lot of money by selling it, the idea now is to make money by investing for a long time.". A dragon thought, 40% say big not big, say small not small, but now if you set up a guild, there will be a lot of people to join, plus the ranking list of the master here have five (Xiaoyao now not count), people will be more, said: "This is no problem, but the establishment of the guild needs 100000 prestige value, our five highest only more than 10000." What about you "I don't have either. Is there any other way besides killing BOSS?" "No, you can only kill BOSS. By the way, how much reputation do you have now?" "More than 80,000." "Wow, hey hey, it's up to you to earn your reputation first and then build a guild." The dragon smirked. This is no problem, then wait for me to play enough reputation first. "By the way, I have another question to ask you. How did you disappear from the ranking list?" The poor man also asked, "This question should be everyone's question." I don't know the details, but I disappeared from the ranking list after I changed my job. "Oh, so that's it." Everyone said in chorus. All right, I'll go first, and when I get enough reputation, I'll come to you, but what about the funds to set up the guild? Unfortunately, it takes a lot of money to set up a guild. Xiaoyao asked, "This is also a great difficulty." You can rest assured that we will solve the problem of funds. "Well,plastic pallet suppliers, all right, goodbye!" Xiaoyao said and left. Brother, do you really want to set up a guild with him? Asked the duckling.


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