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"Damn, I've never been so embarrassed." Wu Huan sat on the ground without any image, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw Tao Yao, who was held in the arms of Dongfang Jing. She slightly squinted, this girl will not be the girl who followed the Oriental scene at the beginning, right? Tut-tut. Did Dongfang Jing change from a bad man to a crazy man? "Boom!" The sound was so loud that it almost deafened Wu Huan's ears. Wu Huan rolled her eyes contemptuously at the sky, and she said that he was a scum man, what's wrong! ".." Wu Huan buttocks a pain, immediately jumped up from the ground, heaven seems to have found a way, thunder and lightning fell down, divided into numerous small currents, such as snakes rushed to Wu Huan. Wu Huan: "…" *** the whole zoo. Is it okay if she doesn't say it? The snake-like current quieted in the air for a moment, then slowly disappeared into the air. Wu Huan breathed a sigh of relief, damn, now is the way of heaven to obliterate her, she wants to kill can not kill up. Unless she stabs the day.. Wu Huan's eyes suddenly flashed. What is your relationship with Baili Wuhuan? Dongfang Jing stared at Wu Huan and asked with a complicated expression. He felt that the woman had the shadow of a hundred miles of joy. Wu Huan restrained his mood and looked at him,eye cream packaging tube, "Oriental View." "You know me?" Dongfang Jing was surprised, but soon did not feel strange, the man who followed Baili Wuhuan was following the woman at this time, and she was not surprised to know herself. He took a special look at Rong Zhao, who was looking at the sky and did not seem to notice them. How can a man like you be favored by heaven? Wu Huan did not answer his question, but laughed with a slight irony, "the way of heaven." She seemed to remember something,cosmetic tube packaging, swallowed the words behind it, and rolled her eyes with hatred. Dongfang Jing looked at Wu Huan like this and somehow felt a little cute in his heart. East Tao Yao pulled him in a trembling voice, "she." Dongfang Jing took his eyes back, and his eyes immediately floated with a touch of tenderness and heartache. "What's wrong with Yaoyao?" Tao Yao motioned to Dongfang Jing to put his ears close to him. Tao Yao whispered a few words, and Dongfang Jing's eyes immediately became strange. Wu Huan looked straight at them. "I won't eat you. Why do you look at me like this?". However I'm curious, how do you know my identity, little girl? Tao Yao's body stiffened and dared not look at Wu Huan, "I." I have seen you once before. Have you seen her? Wu Huan looked up and down Tao Yao several times, this wench is right, and repair for very low, how can I have seen her? "Momoyama." Tao Yao said cautiously. Wu Huan stood up, and she looked down at Tao Yao, eye cream packing tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, as if to see her face. "Tao Yao was so frightened that he shrank into Dongfang Jing's arms." Hum, it's really the people of Taoshan. They are all so timid. Wu Huan sneered, as if she wanted to step back, but the thunder behind her reminded her, and shyly took her feet back. Tao Yao observed Wu Huan's expression and saw that there were not many strange expressions on her face. Then she continued to whisper: "When you helped the Taoshan clan.." "Stop, I'm not so idle. It's just that the man who wants to destroy you in Taoshan just provoked me and was caught by me in Taoshan." Wu Huan waved her hand to stop, and her eyes gushed out an evil spirit. "If it weren't for the timidity of Taoshan people, they would have hidden early in the morning, and I guess I wouldn't have let you go." "Boom --" Wu Huan shivered and hurriedly leaned against Rong Zhao. Rong Zhao touched her head helplessly, and her eyes were full of spoiling. Dongfang Jing looked at the intimate appearance of the two people, very strange, always feel that something is wrong. Under heaven, you dare to boast. Rong Zhao sighed helplessly. Wu Huan: "…" What big talk? That's what she thinks, okay? At the beginning, those people in Taoshan did not know where to hide. If she hadn't been too lazy to look for them, she might have slaughtered Taoshan. Why? She said she didn't like Momoyama's style very much. Would you believe it? "Boom --" It's exciting, isn't it! Do you think I can't beat you? You try to split another one! "Boom --" "Boom --" Wu Huan: "…" Now that she has split two, she will let you go first. Tao Yao looked at Wu Huan's appearance, suddenly covered his lips and laughed, this kind of Yao Jin adult, much more lovely than she had seen before. Wu Huan stared coldly in the past, and Tao Yao immediately buried his face in the bosom of the Oriental scene. Dongfang Jing protected Tao Yao with his hand and stared at Wu Huan warily. This is the ghost emperor Yao Jin. There are not many legends about the ghost emperor Yaojin on the mainland of Huan Yue, but it is not without them. Compared with the other two places, the ghost emperor of the Magic Moon Continent came very little, but every time she came, the storm was enough to change the pattern of the Magic Moon Continent several times. Heaven is bound to obliterate you, and we can only rush out. Rong Zhao observed for so long and only came to this conclusion. It's no use rushing out. Since Heaven wants to obliterate me, he has to follow me wherever I go. Wu Huan shrugged his shoulders. Rong Zhaomei smiled a little more, "This should be far away from the fairy realm, the way of heaven is not affected by the pantheon array, but once we get close to the fairy realm, the way of heaven will be affected by the pantheon array, unable to recognize your breath." The Pantheon Array is made of countless blood and evil spirits, especially in the fairy realm. As long as they enter there, the blood and evil spirits will block the breath of Wuhuan. That side originally because Xiao Yuexin has thunder robbery, so the way of heaven will completely lose the tracking of Wu Huan. Wu Huan curled his lips, and the whole person lay down on Rong Zhao, "but we can't get out now." Rong Zhao also followed the frown, the way of heaven, is the threshold that human beings can not cross, the transport array is naturally useless. Getting out is really the most urgent issue now. As long as you go out and use the transport array before Tiandao blocks the space again,plastic packaging tube, you can avoid the confrontation with Tiandao. His eyes turned and suddenly fell on Dongfang Jing, with a touch of light. Wu Huan also followed to see the past, two people tacit understanding in the heart had the same idea. Dongfang Jing was excited. "What do you want to do?" 。


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