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The Medical Writing Blogoverse

When we started this blog in July 2005, we were the only blog in existence on the topic of medical writing (as far as we know). The landscape has changed a bit since then. There are few, if any, barriers to starting a blog these days - you don’t need to know HTML, you don’t need to have a domain, you don’t need to have any web design skills - all you need is something to say and an account at blogger or wordpress or any of the million other free hosts. Still, there aren’t nearly as many blogs by medical writers as there are by doctors, economists, or technology gurus. Slowly but surely, blogging is catching on amongst the AMWA set. This blog was even linked to in a recent AMWA newsletter - gave us quite a thrill.

Most of the other medical writing blogs we’re aware of are focused on the mechanics and practical issues related to the profession. For example, Diego Pineda at Medical Writer has buy essay been actively blogging for awhile now. He’s also working hard to build the “blogoverse” by requesting link exchanges. He would like to sell you his ebook and home study course. His blog has lots of basic tips (and simplistic commandments like “always proofread the hard copy”).

Emma Hitt has started a blog recently. She also wants to sell you some mentoring, and more power to her. She offers a valuable free email job list, so we don’t begrudge the shilling for paid mentoring effort to get paid for her expertise.

Then there’s Cliff Mintz at BioJobBlog. He’s a recruiter and seems pretty plugged in to the biotech and pharma world. There are some pretty good job-hunting tips there.

Last, but not least, comes a new blog from Malaysia called Surviving Medical Writing 101. Nothing to sell here. A light, breezy style of writing, focused on the medical communications side of the medwriting world.

Although not focused on medical writing, there are some really great resources linked in the blogroll pay for paper here that we think medical writers would benefit from reading. We particularly recommend the Knight Science Journalism Tracker, Health Care Renewal, In the Pipeline, and Science magazine’s career blog (which has posted several little medwriting nuggets lately).

Know of any other medical writing blogs? Drop a note in the comments.

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