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To be honest, before entering the room, he had been fighting for a long time and hesitated for a long time before making a decision. To know that after all, there is no basis for love between two people, there is only the opposite sex attracts, Ning Yao is actually a conservative woman, if she is stiffly rejected, Wang Zhuozhen can not afford to lose this face. However, Ning Yao's performance soon reassured him that her heart was contradictory, her reaction was passive, her will was weak, and her position was not firm. Wang Zhuo only used a few words to see through her contradictory mentality. When she repeatedly said "Don't do this" instead of "Don't do this", the tone of discussion and the tone of refusal. Wang Zhuo has heard another voice, "Come on.". When a woman says no, she may not really refuse, not to mention that Ning Yao's tone of discussion is not firm enough? If Wang Zhuo can't even see this kind of opportunity, I'm afraid he only deserves to be a virgin now, let alone come out to hunt for women! As a result, Ning Yao was stirred up by thunder and fire, and completely fell! "Sister, you're so wet." Separated by the thin cloth, Wang Zhuo had already felt a wet hand: "Haven't you done it for a long time?" Ning Yao just looked at him,stainless steel 304 pipes, eyes full of spring, but did not answer. Wang Zhuo raised his eyebrows: "If you don't want to say it, just forget it. Anyway, the body won't lie." His understanding let Ning Yao some gratitude, this question makes her very entangled, according to the truth answer and afraid of Wang Zhuo laugh at her silly, lie, and afraid of Wang Zhuo feel that she is not discreet,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, is really entangled! Summoning up her courage, she asked softly, "Who was that woman last time?" "A friend." Wang Zhuo looked for the button on her back and said, "I don't know you." "She's beautiful, the perfect woman." Ning Yao sincerely commented that Shuangfeng was suddenly covered by a powerful cover, and suddenly his heart was beating and he took a breath. You're not so bad either. Wang Zhuo felt the fullness and softness of his palms, and he was very happy. This pair of treasures are really the best. No wonder Siyuan has praised them again and again. Ning Yao's chest is like a big bowl upside down, the outline is very round, the tip of the breast is like two lychees after excitement, the color is bright red, the shape is full, although the volume is not as good as Ganlin, and slightly smaller than Qi Fei's, but it is the kind of standard size that can be closed and released, any style of clothes can be worn, Precision steel tubes ,impact beam tubes, and it looks good. I didn't expect you to be such a person. Ning Yao looked at him as if she had got to know Wang Zhuo again. Is it? ' Wang Zhuo retorted with a bad smile: "Who would have thought that Ning Yao, the movie queen, had a habit of peeping at others?" Ning Yao argued strongly: "I just met it by accident. It was a coincidence." "Coincidence for half an hour, and twice?" Wang Zhuo laughed and pulled her out. This excuse is really untenable, coincidence is objective, but the peep behind her is subjective, Ning Yao theory but Wang Zhuo, can only be stuffy to gouge out his eye. Come here Wang Zhuo suddenly patted her on the shoulder. Ning Yao was surprised to see him stand up, go to the bed, sit down on the broad windowsill, two hairy legs open into eight characters, waving to her with a bad smile. A tent was set up high in the center of the fat beach pants, and Ning Yao immediately understood his intention! "Don't even think about it!" She immediately shook her head like a rattle! "Good sister, come quickly." Wang Zhuo acted shamelessly. Don't be delusional. It's impossible. Ning Yao's attitude is very firm. She really deserves to be the movie queen, and her acting skills are quite in place! Wang Zhuo secretly praised in his heart, leaned over and grabbed her elbow. Ning Yao struggled a few times and was pulled in front of him like an eagle dragging a chicken. A pair of beautiful breasts swayed like waves with the action, which made Wang Zhuo more iron. She hugged the back of her head with one hand and took off her beach pants with the other. How could you do this? It's too much! Ning Yao struggled, but her strength did not match her expression, and she did not use much strength at all. What do you mean you want to refuse and welcome? This is called to refuse to welcome! The fool could feel that she was making a show, and if she had resisted resolutely, she would have broken away from Wang Zhuo's grasp and jumped out of bed and ran out of the room! But the artificial visual effect is still quite good, Wang Zhuo is the first time to play this tone, was immediately hooked animal blood boiling, according to her swinging head, said sullenly: "Be honest, open your mouth!" Ning Yao was startled, but when she looked up, she saw the smile that Wang Zhuo could not hide in the corner of his eyes and the tip of his eyebrows. Only then did she realize that Wang Zhuo was bluffing her, not really tearing off his face with anger. There will be another chapter later, please pay attention to it! RO! ~! Chapter 380 of the main text will never be released tonight. Chapter 380 tonight, never to be released. Here comes the second watch, by the way! The shadows of the trees outside the window are whirling. Siyuan was sleeping soundly in a bedroom on the second floor. She had just kicked off the quilt and rode on the pillow without the image of a lady. Her naked back was shining brightly in the moonlight. The traceless cartoon wrapped her buttocks properly, but a few black threads came out mischievously from the gap. As for whether the thread is true or not, it remains to be verified, whether you believe it or not, when the kindergarten teacher explained this to the children by the swimming pool, the children believed it! It's a pity that no one appreciates this scene, because there are only three people in the villa at the moment, except for her who was busy all night last night to supplement her sleep, and the other two are flirting at this time. Wang Zhuo stood in front of the broad marble windowsill, his snow-white vest lifted from the front to the back of his neck, looking like a pair of braces to correct his posture, with a sense of competence. But the naked lower half of his body was somewhat contrary, and the knee-length beach pants he often wore were thrown at his feet. Under the spotlight, the movie queen, who was admired by millions of people, knelt at his feet. Her perfect facial features were now with a kind of morbid excitement. The stubborn resistance of one moment turned into respect and worship. After dinner, before returning to her room, Ning Yao devilishly slipped to the bar on the first floor and opened a bottle of red wine and took it back to her room. She drank two-thirds of the bottle of red wine,side impact door beams, but did not expect that the feeling of tipsy did not make her fall asleep, but more excited. So when Wang Zhuo arrived, she was listening to music with headphones.


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