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This Marquis mansion, all of them are jackals, tigers and leopards in human skin, hiding their ambitions under hypocrisy. He won't be as silly as the little Marquis, making marionettes, being manipulated by others, and finally having nothing to end up with. What else does your ladyship think but marriage? The little Marquis looked at the suspicious woman in front of him with a serious expression. I didn't learn what Master Wang taught me in vain. A mere Miss Rong Fu is not enough to make me interested. What I care about is whether the prestige of the prime minister's mansion can be used by me, whether the son of the Rong family can wish me a helping hand, and that young lady is smart. If she really becomes the future wife of Hou Fu, she can also contribute to Hou Fu. "Humph." The madam laughed: "What you think is long-term enough, just, do not think too long-term, you can do the head of a family of this Hou Fu to still do not know." "Thank you for reminding me, madam." The little Marquis smiled calmly, showing no sign of dissatisfaction. Madam sees in the eye, but very satisfied, a tool with a brain, sometimes better than no brain really good. Get up. Her ladyship's tone softened a lot. Thank you,Iron Nail Making Machine, madam. Said the little Marquis got up, legs tingling some fast stand, staggered two steps, next to the servant girl wanted to come forward to help, the lady looked at her coldly, and then shrank back. The madam took one look at the little Marquis,wire nail machine manufacturers, who could hardly stand. Without the slightest softness of heart, she lifted her feet out of the ancestral temple and said, "Don't make your own decisions next time." "Yes." The little Marquis answered and looked disdainfully at the man who had left. At this time, a young man came in, dressed in black and capable clothes, without any waves in his expression, holding a sword in his hand, and came forward to hold the little Marquis. The little Marquis took one look at him. The indifferent man who carried the sword with him mentioned in the novel that the second appearance was to rob the prison and be killed. The cannon fodder in the cannon fodder was just a tool for the general's office to frame the Marquis. This is the food that Lin'an prepared for the prince. The man served hot soup and hot dishes: "Lin'an felt guilty because he failed to stop the prince." "Where are the Linan people?" The little Marquis felt uneasy and worried that he would really be punished. He fainted again and didn't wake up. The man seemed to be used to it and filled the soup for the little Marquis: "After the prince finished eating, his subordinates went to ask the doctor to look at your legs." The little Marquis nodded and went to ask the doctor to meet the people of the General's Office. The little Marquis chuckled. It seemed that the good play was about to begin, and the hiding people would come out after all. The Marquis is not right today. The majestic Hou Mansion seemed to be in no man's land, without popularity, and the servants of the mansion were all serious, cautious, Automatic nail machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, and cautious. East courtyard small Marquis courtyard came a whisper of sobs, standing aside the man's expression without any waves, kneeling in front of the teenager crying face red, kept secretly wiping tears. The little Marquis sitting in front of him filled another bowl of soup, which was quite to his taste. Lin An glanced up secretly, and the little Marquis, as if he didn't know that someone had been kneeling in front of him and crying for a long time, drank the soup quietly without saying a word. Master, I was wrong. Lin An sobbed and wiped away his tears. "I have no complaints if you want to beat or punish me. I just want my master to forgive the slave." The little Marquis put down the bowl and took a deep breath: "The soup is good." "Really?" Lin'an's voice was still choking, and his eyes were full of joy at the little Marquis in front of him. The little Marquis glanced at him and pretended to be surprised. "Little Anzi, why are you kneeling?" “……” The man next to him twitched in the corner of his eye and glanced at his master out of the corner of his eye. Linan was stunned and looked at the gentle master with an incredible expression. He suddenly hiccuped and hurriedly lowered his head: "The slave is wrong. Please don't scare the slave like this." "I scare you?" The little Marquis was so confused that Lin'an didn't even have a line in the novel. Finally, after the change in the Marquis's mansion, he appeared outside the city and kowtowed in front of the wordless tombstone of the Marquis and the queen, and then left the capital. It was a good end. The slave first failed to stop the master from making a big mistake in the prime minister's mansion, and then he was found to have taken food for the master. The master saved the slave. The slave was useless and would only add to the confusion. The master punished the slave. The slave was wrong. "You are indeed at fault." The little Marquis glanced at the servant girl who came in to clean up the food and watched her go out before he spoke. "Your mistake is that you are always dizzy. You don't look like a prince at all." Said the little Marquis, shaking his head. Then the servant girl came in again, carrying hot tea. The little Marquis did not speak. After she poured the tea and retired, she said, "Get up." "The slave dare not." Lin An sobbed and hung his head. The little Marquis is ashamed. These people in the Marquis mansion are all suppressed too fiercely. If you treat him well, he will be afraid. Little Anzi, the soup you made today is good, and I will eat the soup you made later, so I won't punish you today. Get up. Lin An looked up at the little Marquis with a stunned expression, sniffed, and glanced at the calm man next to him, but did not move. Get up The little Marquis's tone was a little heavier, somewhat commanding. Lin'an immediately got up and stood aside, looking at the little Marquis nervously. The man next to him looked at the little Marquis, but his expression did not change much. Then he stepped forward and said, "Prince, I'm going down to look for a doctor. I'll step down first." The little Marquis nodded, hesitated for a moment and said, "How careful you are to do things. If you take a wrong step, it will be hard to turn back." The man was stupefied, hurriedly bow salute: "Subordinate keep in mind." Little Anzi watched the man go out and looked at the little Marquis who was drinking tea with an indifferent look in front of him. He hesitated for a moment and whispered, "Master." "Hm?" The little Marquis answered softly. Master, do you think the soup is really delicious? The little Marquis twitched at the corners of his mouth and looked up at the young man next to him, who was about the same age as himself, with pale skin, thin figure,Nail machine supplier, and a malnourished look. Lin An looked at him nervously, holding his hands tightly in front of him. It's delicious. The little Marquis looked at him with a serious expression, and Linan froze for a moment and smiled happily. The little Marquis looked at his red eyes and lowered his head to drink tea. "But I hope you will treat me not just because the soup tastes good." 。


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