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Professional Immigrants Reality

It has become common the need to look up better life opportunities for us and our family, which is why many opt for emigration, and Miami is one of the most frequent places to start a new life. The problem lies in the term new life, where the standard immigrant must start from scratch and sow seeds to cultivate future successes.

This process can be long, tedious, and often relying on frustration. One of the reasons is that approximately 1.4 million migrants have university degrees and experience in their professional fields. However, they are not practicing their profession for reasons beyond their ability.

Currently, migrants conform a large part of the agriculture industry up to 45% of the employees, in construction the 31% and in transport & warehousing 29.3%. It should be noted that a high percentage of the market share of the workforce has experience in the fields of medicine, law, business, among others.

This phenomenon is the result of factors such as language barriers, extremely high costs to revalidate licenses, fear of failure, social pressure, the economic situation that prioritizes emerging income over study investment, lack of time to attend training that allow them to obtain appropriate certifications to practice their profession, among others.

It is important to remember that this is a long road and will have inevitable stumbles that will push us into frustration, but we must also project the success that is before us and seize every opportunity that comes our way.

Nonprofits such as Solidaridad Sin Fronteras allow medical professionals to integrate into the health system, instructing, guiding, and allowing them to obtain certifications that typically incur massive debts, at costs extremely reduced by their sponsor programs.

It is essential to know that as an immigrant, we must take into account every opportunity that allows us to fulfill our dreams without affecting our quality of life.



Xavier Wong

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras


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