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Florida's Register of Phlebotomists


Curriculum profile

Phlebotomy technicians are responsible for the blood draw for a variety of reasons, including blood donation and laboratory tests. This requires correct patient identification and vial labeling with patient names and dates.

  • Collect blood samples from patients.

  • Deciphers the best method to draw blood based on the specific patient

  • Practice infection control standards at all times when working with patients and teams.

  • Expect to work with a large number of patients who vary in age and health status

Professional benefits

  • Labour flexibility; Phlebotomists play a vital role in the medical field.

  • Above-average retirement benefits

  • Play an essential role in diagnosing and treating patients


  • High demand for employment

  • Several career paths

  • A 25% increase in growth is expected over the next ten years (according to research by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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