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Florida Patient Care Technician Registration


Curriculum profile

Patient care technicians often referred to as certified nursing assistants, are skillfully trained professionals who provide adequate care to patients in hospitals, medical offices, and nursing homes.


As a patient care technician, usually always work under the direct supervision of a nurse (RN or LPN) or a doctor, informing them of any problems you may encounter or suspect with your patients.


  • Work with the patients, making the visit as comfortable as possible.

  • Taking vital signs and taking samples as directed.

  • Be willing to help patients with bathroom use, meal service, changing bedding, and other hygiene needs.

  • Patient care technicians should also ensure that their patients take detailed notes and perform assessments of their condition.

  • Ability to listen, understand and process a variety of detailed information

Professional benefits

  • The training received to become a patient care technician, along with experience, can be used to pursue more advanced health care careers.

  • Help the community promote good health.

  • Most training comes at work

  • Most patient care technology careers offer flexible hours


  • Job offers are growing faster for patient care technicians than the national average

  • You can find work in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes.

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