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Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MET)



MET is the new exam accepted by the Board of Nursing of Florida to authorize graduate nurses in other countries to perform NCLEX and thus join as Registered Nurses (RN) in the state of Florida.


Health Experts Leadership Providers (HELP/SSF) after new regulations imposed by the Florida Nursing Board in which the TOEIC exam was abolished as an acceptance requirement to be able to make NCLEX graduate nurses in other countries and in this way make the reality of much-needed specialty in the USA, has worked tirelessly to resolve this situation and finally we have an excellent solution to continue giving new opportunities to all our partners in their efforts to join the U.S. Health System.


Our organization is pleased to inform that since May 6, 2019, we have become the only test center in the state of Florida and the 4th number in the United States certified by this institution.


HELP/SSF will also be offering a rigorous and effective training program to ensure that all of our students get the score needed to be admitted by the Board of Nursing.


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