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Home Health Basics Registration

Doctor que soporta la mano del paciente


The home health industry has many benefits to both the clinician and the patient. As a clinician, you are able to give intimate, personalized health care that is only achieved in the home setting. 


As a clinician, you are able to work independently and assist in the development of care plans for your patient through assessment and communication with physicians and caregivers. These two very beneficial and important components directly benefit the patient by creating patient-centered goals that are achieved through clinician interactions with the patient.  


These courses are intended for Registered and Licensed nurses and Physical Therapists who have never gained experience in the field of Home Health. Home Health Basics 101 is intended to provide a solid practical and clinical information overview that covers the basic components in home health. Additionally to Home Health Basics 101;


This course is more geared towards Registered nurses but we encourage the participation of Licensed nurses who are transitioning into the RN role.   


Training program name: Home Health Basics 101

  • Benefits: Clinicians will gain basic essential knowledge to help them function independently in the home health setting. Home Health Agencies will be open to hiring personnel who participate and acquire knowledge through this training since the industry is very hesitant to hire without any experience. 

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