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Florida Electrocardiograph Technician Registration


Curriculum profile

EKG technicians monitor readings, ensure that the machine is connected correctly and running, and record EKG test results.


EKG technicians can take a patient's medical history, ask questions, keep equipment in good working order, verify the quality of recorded data, and assist technologists and physicians during procedures.


Work directly with patients, physical contact with them at a time when they may feel uncomfortable. Excellent communication skills and welcoming behavior.


Operate sophisticated equipment that records and measures heart activity. With additional training, EKG technicians can specialize in areas such as cardiac catheterization, Holter monitoring, phonocardiography, stress testing, and vectorcardiography.


Professional benefits

  • Standard 40-hour weeks

  • Work flexibility

  • Positioning longevity



  • The projected growth of 29% from 2010-2020.

  • Several practices require ECG techniques (hospitals, laboratories, private cardiology clinics)

  • With the advancement of medical imaging technology, hospitals and laboratories will need more technicians.

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