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Certified Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS)

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Curriculum profile

Individuals with a CBCS certification gain access to the knowledge and training they need to prepare for a rewarding and meaningful career as a sought-after Billing & Coding Specialist.



  • Gather/review essential patient information

  • Verify required documentation before patient information is released

  • Prevent fraud/abuse by auditing billing 

  • Support coding and billing process

  • Assign codes for diagnoses and procedures

  • Submit claims for reimbursement

  • Coach healthcare providers to achieve optimal reimbursement


Billing & Coding Specialists have an expansive range of opportunities for employment. The skills learned through the NHA CBCS certification are essential to hospitals, physician offices, surgery centers, nursing homes, dental offices, home healthcare agencies, mental health facilities and even insurance companies and consulting firms.

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