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One of our fundamental core values is to serve the community in cases of EMERGENGY, Solidaridad Sin Fronteras is part of the Health Care Reserve of the United States and has respond to the most important calls to action in our country, like hurricane Katrina in 2005, Haiti's earthquake in 2010, hurricane irma in 2017, and more.


If you are a member of Solidaridad Sin Fronteras it means that you have experience in the health care industry and it is likely that the community will require your grain of sand eventually, this is why we encourage our members to become part of the national medical reserve of the USA. 

The only thing you have to do is get registered in our system trough a simple form, and when required we will contact you to inform you about the emergency situation and see if you are available to collaborate with the mission.


In advance Solidaridad Sin Fronteras thanks you for informing and wanting to be part of this incredible work that is to provide our service to the community to make this a healthier, safer and happier world.

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