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HELP (Health Experts Leadership Providers) communicates to our local, national and international community the opening of our Barrio Afuera program created in 2004 carried out successfully for 13 years, assisting all our colleagues who decided to seek freedom from third countries.

Barrio Afuera (BAP), is the oldest program of SSF and includes:


  • Individual advice to Cuban professionals in the process of applying to the Cuban Medical Professional Parole Program in third countries, established in September 2006 by the Department of the North American State.

  • Psychological support to professionals and their families.

  • Legal and financial assistance in cases that require it.

All these activities are carried out according to the availability of our collaborators in other countries and depending on the funds collected for this program.


Currently, hundreds of health professionals who have escaped from the "Cuban Internationalist Missions" are living in subhuman conditions spread by different nations whose legal status prevents them from working or generating sustenance to survive. They even become victims of threats and constant vigilance by agents of the Havana regime. Today more than 4000 Cuban professionals who have escaped from these missions are trapped in a limbo of migration in several countries living in dangerous conditions.


It is here where Solidarity Without Borders enters into action and asks our senators and federal members of Congress to support the initiative of Senators Marco Rubio (R) and Bob Menéndez (D) to re-establish the Refugee Visa Program known as CMPP.


The CMPP, established in 2006 by President George W Bush and eliminated in 2017 by outgoing President Barack Obama, allowed more than 9,000 Cuban professionals to enter the USA, including doctors, dentists, nurses, technicians, and sports coaches; giving them the opportunity to escape from a labor system of debt bondage and modern slavery, known as "Internationalist Missions".


HELP is working hard with the offices of the senators, members of Congress, government entities and other non-governmental organizations to facilitate the success of this project and provide all the effort and resources necessary to achieve the restoration of Cuban Medical Parole Professional (CMPP).


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