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La donación de sangre Mujer


The ABSA Certification Examination for Surgical Assistants has comprised of three (3) sections; 170 multiple-choice questions, covering all surgical disciplines and all areas of perioperative medicine, including instrumentation and a manual/practical skills evaluation. The examination evaluates candidate knowledge of surgical anatomy, procedures and techniques, diagnostic studies, emergency situations, OSHA regulations, and general patient safety.


The ABSA Certification Examination is weighted in approximately the following breakdown:


  • General Surgery Procedures - 17%

  • OOrthopedicProcedures - 10%

  • Gynecological Procedures - 11%

  • Varied other Surgical Specialties - 5%

  • General Operative Knowledge - 20%

  • Anatomy & Medical Terminology - 31%

  • CPR- 6%

To successfully pass the examination, the candidate must score a minimum of 70% on the General Knowledge Section and 75% on the Specialty and Practical Skills Sections.


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