Last Wednesday April 3, 2013 was held the first graduation ceremony for the 2013 promotion Training Program and Certification Surgery Assistants SSF-ABSA that develops in SSF facilities for 14 months now ease of performing the tests in our own facilities.

The ceremony began at 6:00 PM at the headquarters of SSF and attended by 39 students and other 2 SSF other schools for a total of 41 graduates. During the emotional event were given certificates attesting to such students as assistants Surgery (Surgical Assistants) hand of Dr. Paul Weeks President and founder of the American Board of Surgical Assistant (ABSA). Dr. Weeks feature high grades of SSF students who exceeded the national average by ABSA held so far: “in this promotion SSF 10 students scored above 90%, while in the last two years only 9 students have obtained this score nationally, “according to Weeks.

Training Program and Certification Surgery Assistants SSF-ABSA, opens new horizons of employment within the medical industry to U.S. health professionals who come from other countries and which can benefit doctors, nurses and dentists. SSF is worth noting that the only statement that has a complete training program certified by ABSA throughout the national territory and so stated on the website of ABSA, in his link: [ CLICK HERE ].

The graduation event was covered by several media outlets among which the article published on the front page of “El Nuevo Herald” Thursday April 4, 2013 and which can be read at: [ CLICK HERE ]

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (SSF) and the American Board of Surgical Assistant (ABSA), have agreed to different projects together and both institutions are working on new programs that benefit all international professionals, of which they are informed in future newsletters.