International Medical Conference

The “International Medical Conference” will be held next Monday, April 6th, 2015 at 1:00 PM at the new SSF Consulting and Support Center, located at: 3219 W 4th Ave Hialeah FL 33012.

The conference aims to show the inefficiency of the Cuban Health System both inside and outside the island, expose the myth of the “World Medical Power” that the Cuban regime has repeated over and over and show the world the reality behind the facade of the Cuban medical diplomacy. The conference will discuss the situation of the Cuban medicine doctors and graduates in other countries who reside in the state of Florida. Their difficulties to be inserted to the American health care system will be analyzed along with the development of the campaign: “Ready to HELP”.

During the event the SSF Consulting Center will be officially opened. This center will provide services such as consulting, advice and exams to health professionals who have graduated in other countries, as well as other services to the community of the City of Hialeah.