HELP – International Program

The fundamental purpose of HELP-International Program is to offer professional medical assistance to all of those that need it, and not taking into account the beneficiary's race, sex, nationality, religious or political beliefs, in addition our services are without any cost to those we offer them.

We establish an accessible repository of physicians, dentists, nurses and other medical experts who have the requisite skills and interest to assist in domestic and international medical relief projects. By establishing a database of interested physicians and medical personnel, we aim to facilitate the most advantageous, efficient, and streamlined placement of medical personnel with the most appropriate medical outreach program that need skilled medical teams.

We provides immediate response to emergency medical needs and supports short or long-term health care programs for people worldwide – irrespective of race, creed or political persuasion. HELP is epitomized by its rapid response to disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, famine and refugee crises.

We assembles donated supplies, determines the areas of most urgent need and works through established partnership with health care professionals, organizations and welfare agencies in those areas to deliver and distribute the supplies quickly and efficiently.

We strive to bring immediate medical assistance to any scenario, whether it be local or international, when we determine that our services are required in emergency situations which may be as a result of Nature or man-made catastrophe.

We aim to create health programs, on the local, national, and international levels; these will hopefully contribute to alleviate the great needs and grave problems which the World faces in a cyclical manner.

We will aim to supervise and to guarantee that our medical care will always be utilized for purely humanitarian ends and never as an instrument for enrichment, or for political manipulation, or as a weapon of war; and that never our medical assistance will be used to harm in any manner any human being, any group of people or any nation.