Florida Registry of Patient Care Technicians

Job Description

Often referred to as a certified nursing assistant, patient care technicians are skillfully trained professionals that provide hands-on care to patients in hospitals, physician’s offices and nursing homes. As a patient care technician, you will generally always work under the direct supervision of a nurse (RN or LPN) or a doctor, reporting to them any problems you may find or suspect with your patients.

  • Hands on work with patients, making their visit as comfortable as possible
  • Taking vital signs and collecting specimens as directed
  • Be willing to assist patients with using the restroom, serving meals, changing bedding and other hygienic needs
  • Patient care techs must also watch over their patients taking detailed notes, making assessments of their condition
  • Ability to listen, comprehend, and process a variety of detailed information

Career Advantages

  • Training received to become a patient care tech along with experience may be used to pursue more advanced health care careers
  • Assist the community in promoting good health
  • Majority of training comes on the job
  • Most patient care tech careers offer flexible schedules


  • Job openings are growing faster for patient care techs than the national average
  • May find work in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation facilities and nursing homes