Daphne Campbell thanks to Solidaridad Sin Fronteras!

Daphne2 Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) Honors State Representative Daphne Campbell with prestigious “Community Champion Award.” Florida National University (FNU) Honors Representative Campbell with an Outstanding Legislator Award, as well as the ”Daphne Campbell Nursing Scholarship”. Solidaridad Sin Fronteras Center was renamed the “Daphne Campbell-SSF Support and Training Center.”

MIAMI, FL – The Haitian American Nurses Association awarded Florida State Representative Daphne Campbell with the “Community Champion Award,” this past Saturday at HANA’s 32nd Annual Scholarship & Awards Gala.

This has been a significant and momentous week for the Representative with the historic signing of The Barbara Lumpkin Controlled Substance Prescribing Act, (a bill prime sponsored in part by Representative Campbell), signed into Law by Governor Rick Scott, April 14th 2016, making the State of Florida the final state to authorize Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to prescribe controlled substances; subsequently days later Campbell was awarded the prestigious Community Champion Award for her outstanding achievements and her relentless effort in the healthcare community.

Daphne3 HANA has collaborated with both Florida National University and Solidaridad Sin Fronteras Inc. in honoring Campbell. The Board of Governors of the Dr. Jose Regueiro Foundation and the Board of Governors of Florida National University Nursing Division, who have established the “Daphne Campbell Nursing Scholarship,” presented the scholarship recipient at Saturday’s Gala.

In addition, The Board of Directors of Solidaridad Sin Fronteras Inc. were also invited as they presented the Representative with a plaque in honor of their new exam training center, renamed in Representative Ca mpbell’s honor. The “Daphne Campbell-SSF Support and Training Center” located at 3219 W. 4th Ave in Hialeah, will be used to facilitate Foreign-Trained Physicians as they adapt, prepare, and transition into the medical workforce.

*Special thank you to The Haitian American Nurses Association, Florida National University and Solidaridad Sin Fronteras Inc., for the incredible honor you have bestowed upon me. I am truly pleased, and eternally grateful to be recognized by an organization of my peers, and by institutions I truly believe are doing remarkable works in the community.

I love you all, once again Thank You!