About Us

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras, Inc. (SSF)

DBA. Health Experts Leadership Providers (HELP)

We are a non-profit organization founded in August 2004 with the mission to guide and provide financial support to healthcare professionals graduated in other countries assisting them to integrate into the healthcare system in the United States.

Our organization is not a school, nor a college, nor a university; our programs are designed exclusively for the personal enrichment of our associates and not with the purpose of seeking employment.

All programs of our organization are intended to provide services and assist the community.

One of the key objectives of the organization is to assist and guide healthcare professional graduates from other countries to revalidate their licenses so that they can practice their professions and work in the North American Healthcare System.

The organization also provides employment opportunities to our active members in the medical field and financial assistance to facilitate their license revalidation process. SSF/HELP offer courses, training and seminars to update professionals with the latest advances in medical technology.

We strive to bring immediate medical assistance to any scenario whether it is local or international, when is determined that SSF/HELP services are required in any emergency situation, which may be caused by Nature's catastrophe.

SSF/HELP aim to create healthcare programs, on the local, national, and international levels; these will hopefully contribute to alleviate the great needs and avoid problems that the World faces today.



To provide humanitarian aid, medical prevention, health care, education and scientific research at local, national and international level.



To have programs, projects and campaigns at local, national and international level protecting, helping and supporting individuals, families and communities to obtain a better quality of life.


Icon3 We are a recognized national and international organization helping to the more unprivileged people.



In the field of health, to carry out activities with a professional workforce. We will aim to supervise and to guarantee that activities such as scientific research, medical care or education, will always be utilized for purely humanitarian ends and never to harm in any manner any group of people or any nation.

Board of Directors

Julio C Alfonso

President & Founder

Arianna Torrejon

Administrative Director & Founder

Fermin Castañeda

Vice-President & Treasurer